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About Ed Braverman

   Ed Braverman entered the Boston photo scene in 1948, not without some discomfort on the part of his mother, who was doing her best not to let go. At an early age, she inadvertently provided him with a copy of “ How To Become Extinct” by Will Cuppy in the hopes that his interest in science would be piqued, and that he would develop a fondness for cosmetic surgery. Instead, strongly affected by Cuppy’s observations, his malleable mind took a turn in a direction rarely approached, leading to his own unusual world view.

   After a short incarceration for political guerrilla street theatre in the seventies, he chose to pursue a career in photography, the most obvious next step. Despite his best efforts, he was persuaded to accept assignments from such clients as AT&T, Moet & Chandon, Suntory Spirits, Polaroid, Sports Illustrated, Wine and Spirits, and Yankee Magazine. His work has been featured in promotions by Hasselblad Camera, Broncolor Lighting, and Fuji Photo Film.

   An ardent admirer of Broderick Crawford, he now lives in Roslindale, and spends as much time as he can colorizing vintage episodes of “ Highway Patrol” and documenting the rapid decline of civilization.

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